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Wrong Side of the Grass

You can download our newest album, Wrong Side of the Grass, here or buy a hard copy at one of our live shows!¬† Or both ūüôā

Here is a review from our friend Stevie – “I’ve listened to your cd three times this morning, great music excites me so it’s been perfect to wash my weenie to….LOL!……no it really is awesome, pretty much perfect. Great variation in instrumental texture (the songs don’t all sound the same) that’s hard to do. Thanks for keepin’ it real.”

Hope yinz like it!



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Some good stuff coming up!

Howdy all you fine folks!

We had a blast this summer, traveling all over the place bringing that sweet Seattle whiskeygrass sound to new and old fans alike throughout WA, OR and CA.¬† We’re about to end summer 2017 with a bang, just in time for our annual tour to that great watering hole, The Red Dog Saloon, in Virginia City, Nevada!

Up next in September, as those rays get even shorter, we have a great line-up at Conor Byrne on September 8th.  With Vito & the One Eyed Jacks and the Evergreen Shakers, this one is sure to be one for the annals of history.  9-midnight, $8

On September 15th we head back to Sirens Pub – a bar of distinction – in Port Townsend.¬† We’ve been heading there about once a month lately, and we just love playing in that historic seaside town.¬† Join us for some delicious food, brews and bluegrass! 9-midnight, $5

And then, the ROAD TO RED DOG!

We might add a couple more dates but for the most part, here is our 4th Annual Road to Red Dog tour in all its glory. 4th Annual Road to Reddog Tour

We will have both Wrong Side of the Grass and our split 2014/2015 EP for sale!

See yinz there!

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Summer mini-tour coming up!

Hello friends!

We’re excited to announce that we will be rolling through both Oregon and California in June! ¬†We’ll have Chris Seth Jackson on bass and Clay Kaiser on mandolin, and it’s gonna be a boot stompin’ good time for sure. ¬†Hope yinz can catch us at either Sam Bond’s Garage or Kelly’s Wine and Pub Bar:


For those closer to home, we’ll be breathing that wonderful aroma tonight in Tacoma at Doyle’s Public House w/ that dastardly handsome Clay¬†again, this time on bass. ¬†Happy Memorial Day weekend, everybody!

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Rainier Ramble Tour

Great news, Friends and Fans!

We have a Washington roundabout coming up in the windy month of March, and we are just pleased as punch! ¬†We’ll be kicking things off at the fantastic bluegrass festival known as¬†*Wintergrass*¬†in Bellevue, Washington. ¬†If you’re pickin’ around the Hyatt, come on up to the third floor Montana Room Suite and see yours truly on 2/25, 10:30pm. ¬†Lots of great acts this year¬†in the hospitality suites, so hope you can check out a¬†few.

Then we’re off on our ramble! ¬†Can’t wait to see all your smiling faces as we traverse through space and time bringing¬†that sweet whiskeygrass to the far reaches of this great state. ¬†Hope to see yinz along the way!



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Happy New Year

Hello Fans and Friends!

What can I say – 2016 was an incredible year for us! ¬†We had a couple ups and downs with the line-up and our upcoming album, but for the most part, 2016 was full of solid wins. ¬†We wrote a bunch of new songs, played a bunch of great gigs, and made so many new friends and fans. ¬†We expanded our annual tour to Virginia City, Nevada to add even more dates, and 2017 will be even bigger and better (hoping to add Idaho this year, fingers crossed!). ¬†We’ll also be having¬†a little tri-state tour¬†in June to¬†June Lake, California, so keep a look out for us in Cali and Oregon this summer. ¬†Things are looking up for sure! ¬†We hope to eventually finish out this past year’s recording, but more importantly, lay down some tracks of¬†our newest songs. ¬†We’re going to try something a little different this year in terms of dissemination, and possibly even add featured music videos for each song. We have big dreams, and big creative ideas, so get ready!¬† And of course, we’ll continue to write even more tunes featuring our fun-loving, unique sound¬†that gets your feet dancing with abandon. ¬†Lot’s of good stuff coming up for us here at Sweet Lou’s Sour Mash, and we hope you all stick around for the ride. ¬†We love you all, are so incredibly grateful for your support, and wish you all a very happy new year. ¬†It’s gonna be a wild one for sure, so let us serenade and soothe you with that sweet, sweet whiskeygrass sound freshly distilled in the shadow of¬†majestic Mount Rainier in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

To you and yours, from all of us Mashers here at Sweet Lou’s Sour Mash,

Jimmy, Meggie, RJ, Leighton, and Papa Jesse

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Time Flies When We’re Playing that Sweet Whiskeygrass

Howdy, Friends!

Wow, we blinked and half a year went by!¬† We’ve been pretty busy the whole year, gigging almost every weekend. In¬†May¬†we had our first gig at the infamous Nectar¬†Lounge¬†with the Oly Mountain Boys¬† and The Last Revel from Minnesota. ¬†It was¬†an awesome show¬†with an incredible turn-out for a¬†Tuesday night! Big thanks to the Nectar for hosting such a great event, and we hope to be back again before the year is out.

We also had some¬†great gigs down in lovely Portland, Oregon, including the Whiskeytown USA Festival. ¬†Man, what an event! ¬†We were listed with some of the best¬†regional acts in the PNW, and they even asked us back for next year. ¬†Which I think is about the time we’ll be ready to hit that whiskey bottle again.

Upcoming this month, see us with¬†Colorado based Von Stomper and those dastardly sinners, The Wages of Sin. ¬†This¬†Thursday June 9th at the¬†Conor Byrne Pub in Ballard. Both are¬†great bands, and we’d love to give Von Stomper a warm¬†Seattle welcome. ¬†Hope to see you there!¬† For those outside the city, we’re playing the Mirkwood Cafe in Arlington on the 11th, and the Pig Bar in Olympia on the 24th with Daniels and Baker.

We’re also putting the finishing touches on our newest recording coming out sometime next month – Wrong Side of the Grass. ¬†Stay tuned as this will be our best one yet!


Sweet Lou's News


Up next: Our annual Red Dog Tour up to the historic Red Dog Saloon in Virginia City, NV. We’ve added 4 more cities this year, so we’re pretty pumped. The best part is that our kick-off begins here in our lovely hometown of Seattle at the Columbia City Theater opening for The Shams and the Wages of Sin! Tickets available here.

It’s almost unbelievable, with just the right amount of sweat, hustle and luck going into it all. We’ve worked hard, we’re ready, and we’re gonna have a brand new 4 song EP entitled Boathouse Blues featuring Peter Tilton on mandolin available for purchase. ¬†We’ll also have t-shirts and various other mementos and merchandise. Bring your friends, bring your friend’s friends – Sweet Lou’s is coming to town!


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SLSM @ Royal City, Wa!


Wow, we had such a wonderful time at Cloudview Ecofarms in Royal City, Washington this past weekend! ¬†Named the AbunDance Gathering, Cloudview hosts an annual harvest get together for workers, friends, family¬†and the wider community. ¬†It was a magical night filled with amazing food fresh from the farm, friendly fellowship, and music by¬†Tim Dunn and the Funn¬†and yours truly. Here’s a very charming photo of us taken by the Funn’s bassist. ¬†(Thank you, Sarah!)


We couldn’t have asked for better weather even as the night got a little chilly. ¬†In a few short minutes, several folks had cleared a small sunflower-bed and made a fire pit. ¬†We drank and sang well into the evening, warmed by the burning of gnarled old wood and laughter. ¬†And of course, dancing!


Thanks again to Jim and all the folks at Cloudview Ecofarms. ¬†We had a great time, the food was most excellent, and the company was even better. ¬†Definitely our best summer gig…huge, HUGE, thanks to Eddie Raskin of Seattle House Concerts for setting us up with this show!

No worries though sour mashers, there’s still some time left before the rays get shorter if you haven’t been able to catch up with us. ¬†We have an upcoming show this Friday at Tim’s Tavern¬†in Seattle with Junkyard Amy Lee, Lorin Walker Madsen, and Finn Doxie.¬† This is going to be another one for the annals of history. ¬†Check these bands out. ¬†And then come on out and hear us all live!

See yinz there!

Meggie, the fiddle player