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Time Flies When We’re Playing that Sweet Whiskeygrass

Howdy, Friends!

Wow, we blinked and half a year went by!  We’ve been pretty busy the whole year, gigging almost every weekend. In May we had our first gig at the infamous Nectar Lounge with the Oly Mountain Boys  and The Last Revel from Minnesota.  It was an awesome show with an incredible turn-out for a Tuesday night! Big thanks to the Nectar for hosting such a great event, and we hope to be back again before the year is out.

We also had some great gigs down in lovely Portland, Oregon, including the Whiskeytown USA Festival.  Man, what an event!  We were listed with some of the best regional acts in the PNW, and they even asked us back for next year.  Which I think is about the time we’ll be ready to hit that whiskey bottle again.

Upcoming this month, see us with Colorado based Von Stomper and those dastardly sinners, The Wages of Sin.  This Thursday June 9th at the Conor Byrne Pub in Ballard. Both are great bands, and we’d love to give Von Stomper a warm Seattle welcome.  Hope to see you there!  For those outside the city, we’re playing the Mirkwood Cafe in Arlington on the 11th, and the Pig Bar in Olympia on the 24th with Daniels and Baker.

We’re also putting the finishing touches on our newest recording coming out sometime next month – Wrong Side of the Grass.  Stay tuned as this will be our best one yet!


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