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SLSM @ Royal City, Wa!


Wow, we had such a wonderful time at Cloudview Ecofarms in Royal City, Washington this past weekend!  Named the AbunDance Gathering, Cloudview hosts an annual harvest get together for workers, friends, family and the wider community.  It was a magical night filled with amazing food fresh from the farm, friendly fellowship, and music by Tim Dunn and the Funn and yours truly. Here’s a very charming photo of us taken by the Funn’s bassist.  (Thank you, Sarah!)


We couldn’t have asked for better weather even as the night got a little chilly.  In a few short minutes, several folks had cleared a small sunflower-bed and made a fire pit.  We drank and sang well into the evening, warmed by the burning of gnarled old wood and laughter.  And of course, dancing!


Thanks again to Jim and all the folks at Cloudview Ecofarms.  We had a great time, the food was most excellent, and the company was even better.  Definitely our best summer gig…huge, HUGE, thanks to Eddie Raskin of Seattle House Concerts for setting us up with this show!

No worries though sour mashers, there’s still some time left before the rays get shorter if you haven’t been able to catch up with us.  We have an upcoming show this Friday at Tim’s Tavern in Seattle with Junkyard Amy Lee, Lorin Walker Madsen, and Finn Doxie.  This is going to be another one for the annals of history.  Check these bands out.  And then come on out and hear us all live!

See yinz there!

Meggie, the fiddle player

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